“Tell us why, Moon! Tell us why you created a League of Legends blog!”

OK, I’ll tell you why. Because I felt like it.

Well, actually, no.

I created it because I wanted to share with the community some of my knowledge about League of Legends. I wanted to create a blog for the masses. And help people improve at this wonderful game.

I’m not, in anyway, a “pro”. But I know I have enough experience to help out the average player.

This is why.

Now let me introduce you to me and to the blog.

Who am I?

Let’s start with me, 7thFullMoon, also known as The King of Trolls and my long story about how I got into the Runeterra universe.

I started playing LoL one year ago. A friend that worked at my local game store showed to me the Kennen Champion Spotlight and my reaction was “Looks fun, I’ll give it a try”, y’know, who doesn’t love ninjas that turn into lightning?

As soon as I had installed the game I went for a Normal Game, not even bothering about the tutorials. I chose some Angel-like girl, called Morgana and pressed the big “Lock In” Button. Oh God, the frustration! I got owned so bad. I left the game for two weeks, to find myself bored and try it again, but this time I googled: “How to play League of Legends”.

And the mighty “Leaguecraft” appeared. I checked it out, read a Morgana guide (Girlstars’ – Mighty thanks to you) and went for a normal game again, now having played through the tutorials. I was pretty ready when the next problem arrived: Morgana wasn’t free anymore.

Oh no! What to do? Random lock in. I locked in Rammus. With heal and revive. The game started and we just went to our lanes and killed those purple bastards. But then, suddenly, a horrifying sound was heard: “A summoner has disconnected” followed by “A summoner has disconnected”. On Twisted Treeline. Oh god. Well, what now? Play. And I did. And I got legendary with a 24/13/0 KDA. But eventually the Defeat screen showed up. Why? Because at one point of the game I decided to stack Boots of Swiftness, to make the “turtle” faster. God forbid my ignorance. Then I kept playing until I reached level 5, 1350IP and tcha-nan! I bought Janna.

Then I went back to Leaguecraft, downloaded a few skins, lurked in the shadows for nearly 6 months while mastering the Avatar of Air and then decided to register. Great! Now what? Under the influence of all those skins I myself made a skin, which was kind of a success. And a few months later got into the forums, being my first thread about me and where I got the nickname of King of Trolls.

Lately I’ve been aiming to become a Moderator/Honored Member with a few major contributions to the community like my Janna guide and my Maokai guide-like thread.

This is my next big step. “Moon’s Blog”. I expect it to become as great as Elementz’s (Yeah, right, as if that’d ever happen). Not in one day nor one week but over some time it will gain some popularity, and who knows, become the #1 LoL blog. But that’s just an objective,

OK, enough about me, it’s time for me to explain what this blog is for;

I will be posting my personal thoughts on champions, strategies, skins, patch changes and whatever else I find relevant that is in some way connected to League of Legends or Leaguecraft.

In near future I will start posting a few replays or gameplay videos. (As soon as I have everything set up for this)

I might as well post some LoL-related jokes, like comics and videos, but don’t expect many of these, as I am aiming for this to be a serious blog. But someone wise once said:

“A fun blog is a good blog.”

And that is indeed, the rule of the thumb.

I hope you enjoyed reading my first post and will follow my updates!

See you next time, summoner.

GL, HF and die a lot – The 7thFullMoon